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Trace Registered Post Status – Track Postal Registration Number – Tracking Registered Item Online

Registered mail tracking system of India Post provides facility to trace movement and delivery status of registered items. An Item or article booked under registered post can be tracked easily using registered post tracking number at India Post website. Online tracking and tracing facility of registered articles have recently been made available by India post.

Registered Post Tracking Number | Consignment Number

The registered letter track number or consignment number is the tracking number assigned to you at the time of booking registered item. One can easily find the tracking number which is printed on the postal receipt delivered to the sender at the post office counter at just after booking the registered letter/item. It is necessary to keep the registered post receipt by the senders as registered post tracking number is printed on the receipt. Without registered post tracking number it would be difficult to track articles sent through registered post.

How to Track Registered Post Letters or Articles

Letters / articles are sent a by registered mail because it assures that the item would safely reach to the addressee. Earlier there was lack of facility to track registered mail items. But with advancement in technology Indian post provides registered post tracking details same as speed post tracking. But the question is “how one can trace registered post article”? Open,

Indian post registered letters or items can be tracked or traced easily using above page. Full steps to check status of registered post items are listed here,

Steps for Tracking Movements of Registered Post Items

Most of the times users want to search a site where they can find the tracking details of registered post articles sent. This is because registered postal services is widely used to send valuable / important documents. But no problem now. To view movement / delivery status of registered post letters or articles you need to follow these steps:
Open the page of India Post site, (copy the address below and paste in new window or tab of your internet browser):

A view of registered item tracking online page of India post website
Fill in the 13-character long tracking number of Registered Post. (Ensure it that tracking number for registered items is of the format RXXXXXXXXXXIN). If you enter incorrect tracking number then you may get one of the following error messages:
Sorry, your tracking number is not valid. Please ensure your tracking number contain 13 characters.

Sorry, your tracking number is not valid. Please ensure your tracking number is accurately typed In the format RX123456789IN
After entering correct “registered post track number”, click on Track button.

You will see that tracking details of your registered post item has been displayed. At this time you can see details of Booked At, Booked On, Delivered At, Delivered On, etc.
Now for seeing every movement of the registered article “Details” button could be pressed Following details can be observed there:
Date and time when registered item was booked
Dispatched time, received time at various locations during movement of the item.
Registered item delivery date and time with short name of the person receiving the item, etc.
This way one can easily trace delivery or movement status of registered letter/item online.

Limitation of Online Tracking of Registered Item

Online tracking of registered letters/articles mostly provides accurate tracking details, however sometimes it can provide incomplete results too, a few concerns are:
Even if the mail item is being sent through, one might get a message that tracking information is unavailable.
Tracking immediately after mailing the item may not give tracing details.
Sometimes tracking database is lately updated for remote locations.
At times, due to some technical reasons users may get incorrect tracking information.
If the tracking number of the registered mail item is other than the format RXXXXXXXXXXIN, it could not be traced online.

Hence you can check movement / delivery status of registered letter online and do share if you find any problem in, tracing status of India post registered mail articles.

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